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The first impression is also the most important one. That's why it's important for the design to be aesthetical, innovative, modern and yet simple enough for the user.


It's not just the visuals details that make an impact. Functionality is a key perception in user experience and so is a seamless workflow.


My websites are build on Drupal, which is a powerfull open source platform with a large community supporting it. It can handle multilingual, ecommerce or a simple portfolio site with ease.


With all that in mind I think, design and develop for the user, with collaboration with the client. To create a product that you can only describe with amazing. With repetition.

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PR teater, event website

Public relations event held by the students section for PR, build on Drupal, enabled the organisers to post news, images and information about the event.

html5, css3, drupal, development, design, illustrator